Octocat Laptop Decals


Mona is here to save the day—and save your laptop from blending in. Choose from two game-inspired designs: "Boxing Mona" is ready to knock out tasks with a one-two punch and "Adventure Mona" is fearlessly leading the way to her next ship.

Decals work for all laptop brands and come in small for 11"-13" laptops or large for 15"-17" laptops.


Directions for a smooth application:

Prep your surface
Give your laptop a quick wipe to ensure it's clean & dry.
Rub Rub Rub
- Place the decal on a hard flat surface.
- Using a credit card, spatula, etc., firmly rub over the Wax Backing Paper to shift the decal onto the Transfer Tape.
- Don't be gentle, put some gusto into it!
Let's Roll
- Start at one corner and slowly peel away the Backing Paper with a rolling action.
The decal will adhere to the Transfer Tape.
- If some bits of the decal want to stick to the Backing Paper, simply stop peeling, roll back a bit & rub the decal through the Backing Paper to make it re-stick to the Transfer Tape. Then resume slowly peeling.
Line it Up
- Hold the corners of the Transfer Tape keeping the sheet straight. The sticky part of the decal is exposed; if you let it fold on itself it'll stick together!
- Align the bottom edge of the decal with the bottom of the laptop and center it between the two sides of the laptop as desired.
- Press down one edge of the decal / Tape first, to avoid wrinkling and bubbling, and continue firmly smoothing out the Tape all the way across
Strip it off
- Once the decal is applied you need to remove the Transfer Tape
- Starting at one corner, slowly roll the Tape back from the laptop.
- If any part of the decal stays stuck on the Tape, do the roll back, rub, re-roll as before
- How does it look? If there are any bubbles use a sharp pin or thumbtack to poke the bubble and smooth it out.